Hip Replacement Surgery

In the previous article, osteoarthritis was introduced as a disorder that affects the joints in the body, mainly the hips and knees. Apart from knee replacement surgery, hip replacement is another common surgery in the Singapore population.

Hip fractures in Singapore

The aging population contributes to the high number of falls in Singapore, and complications such as fractures of the hip is common.

The World Health Organization states that "approximately 1.66 million hip fractures occur each year worldwide” and “the incidence is set to increase four-fold by 2050 because of the increasing number of older people”.

Hip replacement surgery

As one ages, the management of hip fractures can be challenging due to the risks involved. Total hip replacement surgery is one of the recommended procedures aside from dynamic hipscrew or femoral nail anti-rotation surgeries, to resolve the hip fracture. Similar to it is the hemiarthroplasty procedure which only replaces the femoral head (see the figure below).


There are two approaches to the surgery; anterior or posterior, each with its own precautionary measures that must be adhered to for 3 to 6 months post-op.

Precautions for Anterior approach

The anterior approach involves a front surgical incision and is minimally invasive. This is advantageous as there is less muscle trauma and pain, resulting in an easier and faster recovery.

Better range of movement, compared to posterior approach. Able to bend over the leg while sitting without risking dislocation.

DO NOT Extending leg backwards

DO NOT Rotating leg outwards, away from midline

Precautions for Posterior approach:

DO NOT cross Leg DO NOT bend > 90º DO NOT rotating leg inwards

In the next articles we will share with you more about Physiotherapy rehabilitation after Total Hip Replacement.

If you read through all the above and still have any concern please feel free to contact me +65 8550 5466 as I do provide FREE Physiotherapy consultation over the phone.

Written by: Naazreen

Edited by: Bernice

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