Secret of the FAT Loser

Step 1: Self-discover the reason of weight lose

Get to know yourself is very important in weight lose plan.

Firstly, get to know why the main reason you want to lose weight?

It is because you wish to be healthier?

Or to have better physical appearance?

Or for better functional capacity?

It shall come from you and not anyone else to tell you why you should lose weight.

Your weight loss intention is the pillar to keep you motivated and disciplined throughout your weight loss journey.

Step 2: Get to know your Ideal Weight & Body Mass Index (BMI)

It is important to regularly check your body weight and monitor your BMI. As substantial epidemiologic evidence suggests raised BMI is a risk factor for mortality and morbidity from a number of chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and several cancers.

What is ideal weight or BMI? As your height is quite static for an adult, we can aim for ideal body weight to achieve ideal BMI. Let say your height is 1.65m and 60kg, you consider having normal weight (BMI: 22.03). If your body weight increased to 65kg after 1 month time, you are considered overweight (BMI: 23.87).

Asians, including Singaporeans, generally have a higher percentage of body fat than do Caucasians, the BMI cut- off levels for Singaporeans have been revised such that a BMI 23 kg/m2 or higher marks a moderate increase in risk while a BMI 27.5 kg/m2 or more represents high risk for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

However, improvements in disease risk factors and quality of life have been observed after a modest weight loss.

Step 3: Set SMART goals for your weight lose plan

After knowing your ideal body weight, it is time to start setting SMART goals.

S: Specific, Significant, Stretching (E.g.: to start brisk walk exercise).

M: Measureable, Meaningful, Motivational (E.g.: to brisk walk 5km with 70% of HRmax).

A: Agreed upon, Achievable, Acceptable (E.g.: to brisk walk 5km per day instead of 50km per day for beginner).

R: Realistic, Relevant, Rewarding (E.g.: to rest for a day after 3 consecutive day of brisk walk).

T: Time-based, Timely, Trackable (E.g.: to brisk walk 5km every day or for 3 days in a week).

Step 4: Diary to record your weight lose plan

To ensure you progress as your plan, weight lose diary come in handy to help you keep track your weight lose activity. As the technology advance in this century, you can make use of mobile application as diary. Health App is one of the useful app to record your overall health data (e.g.: Body measurements, health records, Heart, Vitals, etc.).

Diary is essential to track whether you progress as per initial plan and also to progressively review your goals when you already achieve the goals that you set previously.

Step 5: Time to Move it! Move it!

There’s plenty of choice for weight lose exercise. Among all, you should choose those exercise that you have interest and suitable to kick start.

Not to forget you may want to combine your exercise program with aerobic exercise as well as strengthening exercise.

5 Aerobic exercises that I would like to recommend

Static or Bicycle Exercise

As cycling is a non-weight bearing and low impact exercise to your joint, it is suitable for those who have joint pain issue or fast fatigue group. If overweight is the reason of your weight loss, this is the best exercise to start with.


Compare to cycling, swimming relatively involves whole body movement and help you burn your calories faster.

Brisk Walking Exercise

Brisk walking is a weight bearing form of exercise but relatively lower impact to your joint. Pace yourself with your breathing control while walking will enable you walk more comfortable and fell less strenuous.

Elliptical Exercise & Jogging Exercise

Once you’re ready for faster pace of aerobic training. You may either choose elliptical training or jogging exercise. Elliptical is suitable for joint issue person, whereas, jogging is high impact exercise for well person.

5 Strengthening exercises that I would like to recommend

Crunches exercise is targeting your abdominal muscle and slim down your belly.

Bridging exercise able to tone up your back muscle and promote better posture.

Leg raise exercise to focus on your hip muscles shaping and lower abdominal muscle toning as well.

Plank crawl exercise is an overall strengthening exercise for your core muscle.

Push up exercise will able to slim down your arm and tone up chest muscle at the same time.

Step 6: Safety is the FIRST!

Is it essential to exercise in the safe and right manner to achieve effective weight loss with no injury.

If you read through all the above and still have any concern please feel free to contact me +65 8550 5466 as I do provide FREE Physiotherapy consultation over the phone.

Besides, we do provide weight management programme as private service or group service.

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If you read until this sentence, I am sure you are ready to weight lose now.

Hope you have a successful weight loss journey!

Written by:

Bernice Khong Bee Bee

Co-Founder of Mobile Physio

Mobile: +65 8550 5466



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